Milwaukee, WI


Milwaukee, WI
Elevator Pitch
Ease manages creative projects for businesses via its “freelancer agency” model. Offering a concierge approach to freelancer management.
Ease’s managed-services marketplace selects the freelancers, tracks and manages the projects, and provides enterprise account management. For a typical creative project, Ease is up to 50% less expensive than a traditional hire. Creative projects include: growth marketing, web development, software engineering, sales & marketing strategy, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing(SEM) and more.
Prices Starting At
Project starting at $5000
The Ease platform takes care of the project management aspect of freelancing. Friction, expectation mismatch and dissatisfaction are the outcome of countless failed projects on other freelance marketplaces. We match you, track the progress on our unique project management platform and get you rockstar results on autopilot! Providing access to a pre-screened pool of top talent to get work done with the best talent for up to 50 percent less than if you hired talent full time.
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